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MIX10: And where was Live Mesh?

Some weeks ago there was MIX10 in Vegas with several interesting topics. I was inspired by the Windows Phone 7 developer experience with Silverlight and OData as open protocol for delivering collections of data as feed in the browser. There were other great sessions as well, but I missed one big thing: Live Mesh and […]

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PDC09: Live Framework… news?

At the end of 2008 and at the beginning of 2009 I was really fascinated about the Live Services, Live Framework and Live Mesh. And I was so enthusiastic that I spread it around in some blog posts and one magazine article. I really liked the basic idea, the platform and (already in CTP state) […]

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Live Framework updated

The Live Framework got an update to April 2009 CTP. Within this release are new versions of the tools and SDK and the Live Framework Client software. That’s new (quote): Support for side-by-side installation of the local client and the local client. This means that you can use the production to sync […]

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Live Framework CTP #8: MeshPhotoShare demo app

During the last few weeks I wrote a little meshified photo sharing application, which I want to share with you now. It’s named MeshPhotoShare (download Version 0.1 beta 1 from here), it’s written under the use of C# 3.0, .NET 3.5 SP1, Silverlight 2 and the Live Framework CTP January SDK. MeshPhotoShare allows you to: […]

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Help to improve Live Mesh

The Live Mesh Team recently announced a survey for their application. Participate, give your experiences/improvement proposals and help to improve Live Mesh.

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Live Framework CTP #7: data handling possibilities

Just a link to a great forum’s post for today. Rajan Dwivedi answered in very detail on my question about data handling possibilities in the Live Framework. Here‘s the link. In short, you can (mainly) handle your data by using: UserData Attribute Extensions Element Extensions MediaResource SyndicationLink Read Rajan’s great¬†answer and you will learn more […]

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Update of the Live Framework Tools: January CTP

Already on the last Friday (January 31th), the January CTP of the Live Framework Tools for Visual Studio have been released and can be downloaded from here. There are a number of major bug fixes and improvements in this release, including (taken from here): Debugging or running a Mesh-enabled Web Application which contains no changes […]

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Live Mesh Update 2009-01-14

First of all: sorry guys for the long period without a blog post. I have some personal things to do at the moment and I’m still planning my goals for 2009, thus I didn’t have enough time for deep inside posts on interesting stuff. Hopefully, that will change in some weeks. Yesterday, the Live Mesh […]

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Thoughts on the Live Services

After meshing for some days now, I took my 8-miles-running-lap today to think about the Live stack as a whole (I love my runs, it’s the only time to think in-depth on some topics). Thus I want to step back away from the bits and bytes for a moment and review the whole Mesh and […]

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Live Framework CTP #6 – .NET: WinForms Demo application

In the comments of #4, sitary requested the source code of my little WinForms application. After extending it with a login form and a little more functionality, I want to share it with you. Currently the following things are implemented: Login form for connecting to your cloud LOE. Instant connection without a form, if you […]

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