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Rx: Event composition – single-valued

In a first blog post on the topic “event composition with Rx” I presented operators that take several event input streams and create a single output streams, whose elements contain values from each input event (“multi-valued” event composition operators). This second blog post instead treats “single-valued” event composition. Multiple streams go into those composition operators […]

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Rx: Event composition – multi-valued

In preparation of some presentation on the Reactive Extensions (Rx) last week I’ve investigated the composition methods for several event streams on the Observable class. What methods are existing and what are they doing? Let’s take a look… This first blog post treats “multi-valued” event composition in terms of multiple streams going in and one […]

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Rx: Bing Translate Example

In his Rx session at PDC09 Eric Meijer gave a nice example named Bing Translate. It was connecting to Bing via the Bing Web Service API and translated some term given by the user. It was quite interesting because Eric used the Reactive Framework for handling the translation and did some composition of the incoming […]

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News on Rx (Reactive Extensions for .NET)

As written before the Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx, aka “Reactive Framework”) have been published as pre-release on their own DevLabs-site. The Rx-team is asking for feedback from you as developers and will include improvements into timely released development packages, until they’ll ship the final pieces with .NET 4.0. Check out the MSDN forum to […]

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Reactive Framework: it’s here!

Short announcement: Microsoft has published the Reactive Framework as Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx) on its own DevLabs page (see release notes). Check it out now! (Have you noticed the former Volta logo? ;-)) New Channel9 video are available, too: Rx in 15 minutes, Reactive Extensions intro, first Rx app). And they’ve got a new […]

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Reactive Framework (Rx) – first look

During the last weeks I took some time to have a first look at the Reactive Framework. Here I want to share some impressions and information with you. Rx: What is it about? The Reactive Framework (Rx) has been developed at the Microsoft Live Labs and is another creation by Erik Meijer, the father of LINQ. […]

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