Now on Twitter!

Just a short announcement for today: Finally I found my way to Twitter, where you can find or reference me with @JauMatt.

For a long time I didn’t see any value in Twitter. But I think I’ve been mistaken. I’m using Twitter for nearly 3 weeks now, with my new iPhone acting as initial trigger 😉

I love the simplicity of the Twitter concept. It’s great to keep in touch with people and to come into discussion on various tweets.
I love it to share just some few thoughts, short comments, tipps and links, for which a fully fledged blog post would be way to big.

Follow me on Twitter to keep in touch and you’ll get:

  • Links that I find useful,
  • My thoughts on current topics,
  • News about what I’m working on,
  • Sometimes a little personal stuff 🙂

See you there!