Live Framework updated

The Live Framework got an update to April 2009 CTP. Within this release are new versions of the tools and SDK and the Live Framework Client software.

That’s new (quote):

  • Support for side-by-side installation of the local client and the local client. This means that you can use the production to sync data across all your devices, and develop applications for the Mesh Developer Sandbox that uses the local client—all on the same machine. For instructions on setting up side-by-side, please see this forum post.
  • Support for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8
  • Single installer for the Live Framework SDK and the Live Framework Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Resource Scripts are now supported in Silverlight applications and with the local Live Operating Environment
  • Public availability of the SDK and Tools on the Download Center.
  • Improved stability in the client and the cloud Live Operating Environment.
  • Design and performance improvements to the API toolkits
  • Simplified workflow for setting up an account and a Live Framework project on the Azure Developer Portal.

More information on:

Live Mesh Update 2009-01-14

First of all: sorry guys for the long period without a blog post. I have some personal things to do at the moment and I’m still planning my goals for 2009, thus I didn’t have enough time for deep inside posts on interesting stuff. Hopefully, that will change in some weeks.

Yesterday, the Live Mesh team announced a service update for the client software to version 0.9.3424.14, which integrates some general bug fixes. Along comes a bug fix for Windows 7 beta, where Live Mesh has had some problems displaying itself with Aero enabled. Some minutes ago the update came to all computer out there…


  • Conflict-handling improved for duplicate files and folders
  • Live Mesh no longer disables Aero in Windows 7
  • Continued improvements to P2P synchronization
  • Minor usability improvements

So far for now, Matthias