Guys, it’s Christmas (for me) – let’s start meshing!

Wow, that’s so really really great. I’ve written about my pains (German) while waiting for the Live Framework CTP Token before, but no the pains have ended! No, I did NOT get a token while poping out of the waiting list. I’m such a lucky man… Here’s the story: yesterday by „accident“ I was on a web page of a Live Framework blogger and by „accident“ I wrote her an e-mail, if she wouldn’t have a token for me. And in response:

You are lucky, my last token was requested through the blog but the person never responded back. [Here you have it]

Guys, I’m soooo happy! Finally I can now get experienced with the Live Framework, write my meshified applications and blog about it. What a beautiful day… it’s Christmas for me (only better ^^) 🙂

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