Live Framework CTP #8: MeshPhotoShare demo app

During the last few weeks I wrote a little meshified photo sharing application, which I want to share with you now.

It’s named MeshPhotoShare (download Version 0.1 beta 1 from here), it’s written under the use of C# 3.0, .NET 3.5 SP1, Silverlight 2 and the Live Framework CTP January SDK.

MeshPhotoShare allows you to:

  • administrate simple unsorted lists of photos: add new photos, delete old ones and modify title and description of a photo as metadata,
  • run the application from the Live Desktop or locally and offline (if you have the Live Framework Client installed),
  • share the application instance with other users over the app sidebar: those users can see and manipulate the same data as you can,
  • edit your photo collection simultaneously with other users: open the application with them in parallel and see changes that they make immediately on your application instance of MeshPhotoShare.

MeshPhotoSahre makes use of the following Mesh features: a) Media Resource for storing photo files, b) UserData for saving the photo’s metadata, c) hooks ChangeNotificationReceived on the DataEntries collection for simultaneous editing experience.

And that’s what MeshPhotoShare currently looks like:

MeshPhotoShare application

There are some issues in the current version, that mainly come from the current Live Framework release. Thus, the application freezes in Internet Explorer, because of the use of ChangeNotificationReceived. Furthermore when run locally, there may be some strange behavior and sometimes you’ll get some exception messages coming from the Live Framework. I hope that this will be fixed in the future, I will do my best to improve the app as well.

I’m happy about your comments and further discussion, thanks!

Download MeshPhotoShare v0.1 beta 1:

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