Thanks Microsoft!

Hey guys. Wow, one month has elapsed without any blog post here. Sorry for that… At the moment I’m really busy with some private, but also technical/conceptual topics. So here comes just a short sign of life 🙂 But stay tuned for more blog posts in some weeks…

Today I was really surprised when FedEx delivered a package from Microsoft (by air freight) to me. Inside was a Visual Studio 2010 surprise gift: A laser-engraved cube from the VS2010/.NET4-team with a nice statement from Soma. He and Microsoft say „Thank you“ (me), so it’s time for me to say: Thank you for that surprise as well!

Microsoft Thank You gift box Microsoft Thank You gift Somasegar's Thank You text

I don’t exactly know why I got this present but I think it’s because of my engagement and direct contact to the Code Contracts team in 2009. Thanks guys! I hope to see this technology improving further and becoming a first-level feature of Visual Studio (the tools!), .NET and perhaps C# as well. And I hope to give more support to evolving Microsoft technologies. There are some inspiring movements and a lot of innovation at the moment, which are really encouraging me.

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