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Explicit Property Memento

Introduction Some weeks ago I’ve introduced the Property Memento pattern as solution for temporarily saving the state of an entity’s property on creation of the Property Memento and restoring this initial state when the Property Memento disposes. I’ve shown that the using(){} syntax separates between the Property Memento initialization and the core logic which should […]

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Follow-up: Property Memento pattern

In a previous blog post I introduced the Property Memento pattern as way to temporarily save the value of an entity’s properties and restoring the initial values when the memento disposes. While I like the pattern itself I think the syntax can be done better. Here comes an implementation that uses just one type parameter […]

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The Property Memento pattern

Edit: Find an improved implementation of the pattern here. Edit: Find an explicit implementation of the pattern here. This blog post shows the Property Memento as pattern for storing property values and later restoring from those. Constructive feedback is welcome everytime! Problem description It’s a common task in several scenarios: you want to store the […]

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