A new one

Hey guys,

Uoh, I’ve not written anything for a while now. What happened? I was busy with business activities as well as with private stuff. Thus I wrote an article about data access possibilities with Windows Phone 7 for the German dotnet.pro magazine and I’ve shifted some blogging activities to my company’s blog http://flurfunk.sdx-ag.de (German). Moreover I attended the Professional Scrum Developer workshop and got many experiences from that. I’m very happy with my company SDX and I’m glad to have colleagues who inspire me and I love deeper conversations with them. Thank you for a great year 2010, guys! Furthermore, I’m currently using more time for my private life. My wife has finished her exam as teacher for the secondary school and found a job nearby Frankfurt. Currently we’re searching an apartment (didn’t think this would be so tough before…) and will hopefully move in spring 2011. For myself, I’m constantly changing my view to life and finding my way of life and got some inspiration on this during the last months.

So, I just want to wish you a happy and successful year 2011!

I’ve got the feeling that 2011 will be a great year. For my blogging activities I hope to come back again with my central focus points for 2011: Silverlight/WP7, frameworks, patterns and architecture. Let’s get the best out of this year, the show goes on!

Regards, Matthias

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